Market Entry
and Expansion

Market Entry supports your international strategy, global operations, and institutional-partnership agendas, while also focusing on student engagement for successful conversions and high yield. South Asia and MENA are our primary target regions. We offer packages that are customized, and designed to ensure that big and small, all universities can have India-based, dedicated staff and operations. Market Entry lets you focus on your core competence of student recruitment. Partnering with us allows your university to control your spending and allocate the budget, based on priorities.

Market Research
In-depth market research based on demand, trends, and market intel, makes student recruitment targets easy to achieve – efficiently! With our keen insight into the trends in the Indian education market, Market Entry is adept at analyzing the best way forward to devise a narrower yet specific target audience, making every marketing effort effective.
HR Management
Market Entry manages the recruitment of local staff for you and offers HR advisory including employment contracts, employee and company rights, holiday and sick pay, etc. We set up and manage staff payroll and expenses, easing out the kinks between understanding the local regulations so that you can focus on student recruitment strategy!
Agent Network
With Market Entry, as your sole point of contact, you can connect to nearly 1000 study-abroad consulting firms, test prep centers, counselors, and digital platforms. This is a network, built on the principles of an ethical, transparent, and genuine guidance to students, and appointed through strict screening, selection, and training. They offer a huge marketing base!
Collaborate with higher education partners to add value to your institution. In the rapidly changing global society, institutional partnerships to exchange people, ideas and methods is a compelling vision. Partnerships may range from having visiting faculty for teaching to student mobility both outbound & inbound, short-term study opportunities, or value-add programs.
Student Engagement
Your In-Country Representative will hand-hold the student in program selection, the application process, document submission, and guide for visas as well. They provide students with information about entry requirements and scholarships. The Representative is responsible for managing time and inquiry resources to generate interest in your programs. Students are kept in touch via phone calls, virtual and personal meetings.
Yield Activities
It's time to show those accepted students what you're made of! To move towards a higher yield of enrolled students, your In-Country Representative takes advantage of local access, by connecting one-on-one with students and parents through events and meet-ups. Offering personalized experiences throughout the enrolment process helps families determine the best fit.
Branching out to different students, agents and connections can be daunting for any Admissions team. We provide the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to drive the results for all situations where information is time-sensitive and accuracy is important. Coordinating your efforts and operations with a single team and point of contact makes work smoother and faster.
Marketing activities and events are planned around student engagement at independent fairs, college/school campuses, and counseling offices. The Market Entry back-end team plans them for maximizing results, helps to organize marketing collaterals such as brochures, standees, banners, and goodies. Support staff accompanies your Rep for larger events & fairs.
Lead Management
Market Entry offers a fully rounded approach to following up on potential student leads gathered via fairs, events, and mailing campaigns. Your In-Country Representative uses digital and personal means to approach students and help them chart the path from intent to apply and beyond. Our reporting systems manage leads for decision-making and data analysis.

Are you an institution looking at India for market entry and expansion?