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The Premise of Market Entry

Market Entry offers In-Country Representative and Operations Management for Institutions looking at India and South Asia as a new market, or wish to expand and diversify the existing student body of international students from this region. India has a massive student population of 315 million - the largest in the world with the highest number of college-entering students! Market Entry provides access into this rich student community, managing your operations in South Asia via local representatives, appointed for fulfilling your student recruitment goals.

No need to establish an overseas office, overstretch your team or marketing resources, or invest significant time in connecting with qualified students. We get the job done for you! Market Entry helps you gain access to the South Asian market, based on a careful analysis of past experiences, trends, existing channels, and changes in marketing practices, all of which are continuously evolving.

India, Outbound Students

According to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, a total of 753,000 Indian students were studying abroad in 2019. In addition, there are at least 35 million students in Higher Ed and want to study further. Plus 88.5 million Senior Secondary students aged between 14 and 18 years, ready for higher education in India. Despite the pandemic, India continues to be an integral part of the study abroad market, with it being the largest country of origin. Indian student mobility has historically been tied to work potential, and perceptions of safety, factors which are in flux to varying degrees in key destination countries such as the U.S., Canada, and the UK, thanks to changes in political leadership, shifting immigration policies, and more.

The Indian Sub-Continent

Among the 50,049 students who went abroad in 2018, approximately 20% enrolled in Malaysia, 16% in US universities, 14% in UK, 13% in Australian, 6% in German, and 5% in Canadian universities.
The outbound mobility from Sri Lanka is expected to exceed 32,000 students by 2027, a roughly 80% increase over the current UNESCO benchmark.
The number of outbound students from Nepal jumped four-fold to 63,000 in the last 5 years. Top destination markets for these students are Australia, Japan, and USA.

Top 7 Choices:

A majority of Indian students do not choose a study destination for the experience but rather for affordability and potential for employment. India has a challenging work market so moving to where the population is thinner and opportunities are more, scores high on every student’s list of choices. Returning to India with an international degree and work experience puts them on a stronger career trajectory. These findings also explain why countries that restrict work visas automatically become less attractive to Indian students. Four main factors that directly influence immigration among international students are the cost of immigration, the path to immigration and work permits, employment opportunities, and stay-back policies.


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