USA stays on the top of all the other foreign education destinations.
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USA stays on the top of all the other foreign education destinations.

If you’re interested in moving to the USA for higher education, there is no time better than now.

The American Dream is alive and kicking for a reason! Home to some of the biggest and most-developed cities in the world, the world’s leading businesses and a culture that attracts the brightest talent — the USA is a welcoming land full of opportunity. As the birthplace of numerous scientific, medical, and technological breakthroughs, the USA’s appetite for innovation keeps it head and shoulders above other countries. No wonder ambitious folks find themselves studying and shaping their tomorrow in the USA. Indians who have studied there go on to do exceptionally well in the most prestigious organisations. The best of immigration talent too prefers the US for its bountiful opportunities. For those keen on progressing and building a solid future, moving to the USA for higher education is an outstanding choice.

Why is the USA ‘THE’ destination for higher education?

The USA is the destination of choice for international students. Over 900,000 students moved to the US to pursue their studies in 2020 alone. Indian students constitute about 18% of the international students’ population in the US. The sheer scale of opportunities that the US provides makes it an appealing choice for ambitious students.

Some of the world’s leading organisations like Google, Apple, JP Morgan Chase, Verizon, Walmart, and The Walt Disney Company hire the best minds from top American colleges. America has always embraced risk-takers — a trait that has made it home to the world’s most innovative start-ups. If you are looking for an education that gives your career a great head start, there is no better choice than the US. Still on the fence? Here are a few reasons the study abroad experts at Y-Axis would recommend the US to students.

Choose from 4000+ leading universities

The US has over 4000 higher educational institutions you can choose from. A large number of these universities consistently rank among the Best College & University rankings provided by agencies such as QS. Apart from Harvard, Yale, Brown, and Stanford, which are the dream universities for many students — America has other great institutions such as Columbia University, Johns Hopkins, MIT, and UCLA. With so many outstanding universities, you have plenty of options to pick from, and no matter which state you would like to study in, there are possibilities everywhere.

Countries with most ranked universities in global top 100

World-class courses to build your skills

The USA is a coveted international study destination that offers some of the best STEM and STEAM courses. You can find the best courses in engineering streams, business & finance, economics, law, philosophy, creative writing, design, health sciences, and international relations in several universities. Helmed by capable faculty, these are colleges that pride themselves on being the leaders in their subjects.

Scholarships & On-campus employment

The US offers several options that allow students to reduce their cost of studying. Students have plenty of options to work and study at the same time. Most universities offer Research and Teaching Assistantship opportunities for students. Additionally, there are dozens of scholarships you can apply to that can help you save on tuition costs.

OPT, H1B and Green Card opportunities

The USA is a country built by talented immigrants. Once you graduate there are dozens of options for you to progress in your career. A preferred route for students is the OPT (Optional Practical Training) which enables international students to work in the US. If you plan your career well, you can get an H1B visa sponsored by your employer and could eventually lead to a Green Card.

The USA is the ideal country for advanced research

The US is the world leader in technological and scientific research. Some of the world’s leading research labs are located in American universities. UCLA alone has 350 research labs, and Yale has about 1,200 science and engineering labs in over 45 degree-granting programs. Quite a few students include research in their studies, and most universities offer attractive funding to international Ph.D. students. With subjects such as microbiology, nanotechnology, sustainability, astrophysics, gender studies, and more — you can learn and make a difference in your niche.

Flexible education system

America’s education system is as student-friendly as it can get. Apart from offering impeccable courses and programs, students can pick their course content. If you’re not ardent about pursuing a specific subject or want to shift to a different program, you can seamlessly do so. Depending on your interests and skills, you get to explore various courses, and universities are more than open to customising the course structure to benefit the students. Not sure if a certain course is right for you? You can always try a class or two from different courses before making your decision. For example, a B. Tech student can take a class in MS in Behavioural Health or an undergrad can enter a JD program through GRE.

Exposure to different cultures

Interacting with different cultures and thought processes can accelerate our personal growth and development. The universities in the USA endorse diversity and accept applications from students all across the world. Not limited to only students — the teaching faculty too comes from different walks of life. When you study in the USA, you’ll learn and benefit from exposure to various cultures. In fact, student committees host many cultural and social activities for students to get accustomed to students from other countries.

“Despite the global pandemic, Indian students were able to apply for visas and travel to the United States. We issued over 62,000 student visas this summer alone, more than in any previous year. This goes to show that the US remains the destination of choice for Indian students looking to study abroad. We look forward to issuing many more visas in the year to come,”

Donald Heflin

Minister Counsellor for Consular Affairs at the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

A massive job market for graduates

The job market in the USA is large enough to absorb talented individuals with in-demand skills. For some streams, you could get a job as soon as you graduate. To help you with your career, universities offer work experience opportunities to students to help them build up their exposure to working in the US. For instance, you can apply for summer internships and teaching assistant positions during college, which leads to better exposure and perspective. Most established universities also have career centers and host career fairs to offer guidance to their students. During these career fairs, hundreds of companies interact with students and offer work opportunities. In several instances, these part-time opportunities or internships lead to full-time roles.

An amazing campus culture

All work and no play brings down even the brightest of all. American universities are the hotbed of activities — from literary societies and cultural committees to sports clubs and robotics associations — for those keen on pursuing hobbies or learning new skills, possibilities are boundless. The student mixers are great for interacting with fellow students, especially from other departments. The bustling campus activities help students take the edge off from the course load, too.

Solid on-campus support systems for international students

Leaving your home to study in a distant country can get tough! It takes ample time to adjust to a new life and circumstances, and most international students may require guidance and support. Educational institutions in the USA understand this and offer a tremendous on-campus support system. Some universities are proactive and host orientation programs and workshops to help you adjust to your new life in a new country. Whether you’re stuck in an academic mire or want to understand the cultural or social concerns — the staff is supportive throughout your educational journey. You can depend on them for any query.

Indians in the US

Indians are one of the most influential and successful communities in the US. Indians in the US are highly educated professionals and the median income of Indians in the US is $123,700, nearly double the nationwide average of $63,922. The very fact that someone of Indian origin can rise to become the Vice President of the United States of America is testament to the fact that hard work and talent are the only limitations one to one’s growth. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Pepsi and Adobe have Indians as CEOs – individuals who have grown through the ranks and become global leaders. The US attracts the best and brightest talent from across the world and offers everyone the opportunities and platform to grow.