Smoothen the arduous journey of your potential students from application to admission
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Smoothen the arduous journey of your potential students from application to admission

Many students apply to study abroad on their own on the basis of all the information available online. At the same time, they must bear in mind that their efforts pay off in a very small percentage of cases and that the majority of students experience disappointment.

Due to the fact that the study abroad application process requires a significant amount of time, patience, and effort, the optimal time to begin planning your application to foreign universities is between 8-10 months. From the start of your research and application to receiving an admit from universities, obtaining a VISA approval, and obtaining an educational loan sanctioned, nearly a year of a student’s life is consumed. As a result, effective planning and time management are required.

We strongly believe, that an overseas education agent comes with his or her own benefits to change this such as:

Complete Application Assistance

As we all know, applying to universities abroad requires an explanation of the student’s profile and clarification of their objectives through the use of supporting documents such as SOPs, Admission Essays, LORs, and CVs. Each of these documents follow a specific format that is easily accessible via the internet, but it is critical to use them wisely. These may result in a rejection if not addressed properly. Consultants assist students in writing these supporting documents properly with the goal of effectively presenting their profile.

The consultants evaluate students’ profiles and ascertain their needs before presenting them with a right shortlist of universities. They then outsource the editing to their trained resources. The best part in this case is that you can customise the services, both in terms of counselling and editing, if you are dissatisfied. Additionally, you can contact the consultants if you have not received a response from the universities to which you applied. You can extend contracts with free consultants or seek reimbursement from paid consultants in the event of rejection.

Did you know that there are free consultants in the industry who charge you nothing for their services, even if you are accepted to your dream university? Additionally, when you apply through consultants rather than self-apply, your chances of being accepted by your dream universities increase significantly.

Interviews with University Faculty and Documentation

The entire documentation process must be carried out meticulously, as financial documents are required for the application to be processed. Consultants can assist you by providing samples and assisting you in determining how to use your academic transcripts and scorecards. Additionally, they assist you in acing university interviews if you’re applying to business schools or MBA programmes. Additionally, they can arrange for you to attend student and university conferences in order to establish rapport with colleges.