What is CBSE’s Objective Criteria for Class 12 evaluation?
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What is CBSE’s Objective Criteria for Class 12 evaluation?

CBSE Class 12 board exams have been cancelled, but the big question now is how will Class 12 results be evaluated? Here’s the answer.

The Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE, has cancelled the class 12th board exams. The decision was taken by PM Narendra Modi yesterday, noting that it was not fair to put the stress of exams on students in the current situation. This was a big relief to many students, but some confusion is still there. Students are now confused about how they will get evaluated.

In the meeting chaired by PM Narendra Modi, he directed CBSE to ensure that the results criteria are objective and announced in a time-bound manner. But, what are these objective criteria?

CBSE’s Objective Criteria: Suggestion for Class 12 evaluation

  • As per the sources and many reports coming from the government, there are various options to decide the evaluation criteria for the Class 12th board exam result. There are reports that students may be given marks on the basis of their scores in previous years.
  • This may also include marks and performance of the student in classes 9 to 11.
  • Some reports suggest that CBSE should include class 10th board results and internal assessment marks of Class 11 and 12 to make class 12th evaluation easier.
  • Another way for evaluation of CBSE class 12 result could be based on internal examinations conducted by schools in Class 12, pre-boards as well as the board practical exams.

The above-mentioned only suggestions on how the class 12 board exam result should be evaluated. However, a clear decision is still pending. All the students are advised to keep track of the official website of CBSE for further notice.

Source : www.indiatoday.in/